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There are many differences within the US and between one European country and another. For example, in several cities in the US you can get very good and strong coffee that will be pretty similar to that in many European capitals. In Europe, people drink more espresso. The serving sizes are smaller, and the coffee is generally stronger. But that depends on the country.


In Italy, you have a very small serving of very, very strong coffee. It’s nothing like any American who’s never been to Italy is used to. It may seem like very little, but believe us, it’s potent. Locals know this and always drink it with a full glass of water and one cookie or several.


In Germany, coffee tends to be weaker than in the US. You can order espresso at a bar in a big city, but locals drink “Schwarzkaffee”, which is coffee in a very big cup and it is quite weak. It’s weak because it’s ground into relatively large particles. The smaller the particles, the stronger the coffee.


Coffee in Turkey is very finely ground and it’s among the strongest in Europe. In most European countries, people tend to drink coffee in small cups. Outside of Starbucks, you won’t get the US sizes with lots of milk that are super customizable.

Poland and Bosnia

In Poland, you can have espresso, cappuccino, and any other types of coffee with it. Bosnian coffee is more like Turkish coffee with sediment on the bottom. This coffee is finely ground, as mentioned, then boiled in water. When the water comes to a boil, you toss in a couple of spoons, then wait a few minutes. It’s as strong as it gets. Before you drink it, you need to sift it so you don’t end up chewing coffee particles.