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The effects of drinking coffee on your teeth

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Morning coffees are something that a lot of people can’t stay without. Unfortunately, drinking coffee brings a lot of problems for the teeth if you are not careful enough. As a citizen of Denver, sometimes the reason you need to find a dentist in Denver is for coffee! Yes that’s right, unless you get it checked out, you wouldn’t even realize that the reason for your teeth stain or pain is actually coffee.

The negative impacts

·  Teeth Stain

The brown stain in the front side of your tooth is probably due to high intake of coffee. The caffeine content present in coffee and the dark-colored drink is commonly known to bring out the stain in our teeth. The stain is basically the discoloring of teeth and the coffee color persists within the teeth.

·Tooth Enamel Damage

Drinking coffee regularly is known to damage the tooth enamel. Ideally drinking coffee should be restricted to 1 cup per day only. We will be discussing the remedial measures in the next section of the article.

·Increase bad breath

Coffee can result in bad breath. The reason for this is digestion problem is sometimes created when your body cannot take the caffeine intake. The coffee drink decreases the saliva in your mouth which overall results in dry mouth or bad breath.

·Oral health damage

Regular consumption of coffee is also responsible for deteriorating your oral health. The coffee lovers of Denver are mostly seen to find a dentist in Denver. Anxiety and stress are something that is associated with coffee both positively and negatively. Hence, it is very normal that this stress adversely affects your oral health. To be precise, it increases the probability of getting cavities and tooth decay.

Remedial and preventive measures

So, how to deal with this problem? Of course, if you are living in Denver, the most common suggestion is to find a dentist in Denver. However, you can keep your oral damage to a minimum if you follow certain steps.

You can drink 1 cup per day and drink green tea during later part of the day. Every time after drinking coffee, you can use mouthwash to remove the bad breath and stains. Do not drink water or brush your teeth right after drinking coffee.

Eating lemon juice after normal meals helps to reduce coffee stain to a certain extent. However, if you see that you are facing some sort of a toothache and the stain is spreading all over the space, you need to find a dentist for a checkup ASAP.



We understand that drinking coffee is a common habit that you cannot let go so easily. But you can always take some preventive measures to save yourself from the negative impacts of coffee on your teeth.